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"JCPenney will close all stores in under a week leaving fans of department store scrambling for alternative for 24 hours"

Oh my, what will we ever do!!!! 🤣 These kinds of headlines are garbage but it is the Sun, should be no surprise
Years ago I searched the racks at JC Penny for my size pants (32W 34L). After no success, I asked for help. "We don't carry that size" said the guy, and he was kind of smug about it.
That was my last shopping experience at JC Penny.
"Bugnado" works better imo 😁

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I suspect they might taste pretty good if fried in bacon fat, and one was very hungry. Or olive oil & garlic,,,

Would not be surprised if flavor quality of tree shrimp is affected by the species and even heath of the tree whose roots each individual sucked over the last 16 years, or whatever the underground period for this brood is.
According to kumah's book they taste kind of nutty.
Yeah after posting my thought I did a search…
Claims about what they taste like vary, with some people comparing them to shrimp, others to asparagus and a few people even mentioning peanut butter.Mar 31, 2021 only,people even mentioning peanut butter.

14 Fun Facts About Cicadas | Science | Smithsonian Magazine only,people even mentioning peanut butter. only,people even mentioning peanut butter.
Sorry the three flavors mentioned are not similar at all. <green> Could be what people say when something tastes like dirt but they jus don’t want to admit it. </green>
I grew up in South Georgia and remember the cicada sounds and shells on the trees and my MIL lives in Alabama and 3 or 4 years ago my friend who does home remodels and I went to Alabama to do a bathroom remodel on her house and he had never been to the deep south and when the cicadas would start their sound (and it was not that many) I would tell him, "be careful, it is the Alabama tree snake."
Consider that they probably taste like dirt, um I mean have an Earthy flavor.
Actually, they taste kinda buttery. I picked up one I was showing to my troop, fresh out of the bug shell. It was was just hanging out waiting for its wings to dry and harden. I just ripped off his head, legs, and outer shell and popped him in my mouth.
The boys were impressed; at least the ones that didn’t nearly puke. 🤣