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OMG what about the fish?!!!!

It reminds me of a Ray Troll shirt that is NSFW enough that I'm not going to link to it. If you want to find it you'll have to head to Google, search for Ray Troll, go to his T-shirt selection, and sort through the list until you find out about the perils of flyfishing.
I sure hope we're missing decimal point or two...
The snowfall will begin to let up in the Midwest and Great Lakes Wednesday, but the threat remains for parts of the interior Northeast and New England. Blizzard conditions are also expected to continue through Wednesday morning in the Northwest, bringing snow totals to several feet in the higher elevations. “Snow levels will fall to 1000-2000 feet on Wednesday, leading to considerable travel impacts for many mountain passes,” the National Weather Service warned.
Speaking as someone somewhat ignorant of snowfall, I assume they are actually meaning the altitude above sea level where snow will form, like the freezing altitude that will cause hail to form if it is below the upper levels of the clouds?
Yes. I live at about 500ft above MSL (mean sea level.) If the snow level is above 1000ft, I don't have to worry about shoveling. If lower than 500ft, then I'll probably be shoveling. Numbers aren't particularly exact.

Brew on :mug:
& if you don't think the refs rig games against the Lions at Texas Stadium...

I'm old enough to remember THIS NOT BEING CALLED pass interference

balance of the universe was restored the following week, when Bryant bobbled a pass, ball touched the ground & it was ruled incomplete. that was a game loser for the 'Girls.

the schadenfreude was delicious that day

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