Best Brewing Weekend thus far!!!!

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Reverend JC

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Jun 30, 2006
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Well, started off teaching a guy to brew saturday. Got started on time, had to do a few extra steps like kegging 5 and bottling 5 gallons then cleaning the fermentor for immediate use. Not a big deal but added about an hour and half to the brewday. Hit an eff. of 81% on my english mild, which now clocking in at 4.47% abv i am going to have to catogorize it differently. not a big deal.

Good brew day, hit eff, and 10 hours later have 11.5 gallons of beer bubbling away.

Then sunday.

I have some friends that have gotten into semi-commercial brewing (too long of a story to go into) and i went with them for the 6th batch of beer sunday. Adding 7 55lb sacks of grain to the mill sure is humbling to a home brewer, then cracking open a fat sack of Tettenang straight from germany, wow, it was awesome. Sampling a nice funky belgium brew form the 7 bbl fermentor was freaking great. and the schwarzbier that we brewed smelled and tasted out of this world.

Im rambling now but it was such a great experience and i can not wait to go back and do it again.


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Nov 1, 2006
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Oh man, I'd love to be involved in a brew that size! :rockin:

Sounds like a great weekend.