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Feb 17, 2009
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So I just had the best brew day ever.

Me and my brewing buddy are making the jump to AG, and we
did one last extract batch with basically everything we had in our
brew drawers.

We had been using a really crappy old kettle, some kind of wierd porcelain.
When I got there today, he'd bought a beautiful stainless steel one.

Did a full boil, hit every temp, and basically had no bumps in the road.
The wort smelled 100x better than any of our previous.

It's amazing how much difference that 50$ kettle made.
4th brew day for me, and the best one yet!

Haha. It was really a goulash.
Probably 4-5 lbs DME.
3-4 lbs. of a few random specialty grains.
Irish moss.
2 1/2 oz. selection of Saaz, Mt. Hood, Liberty.

No planning, just decided on a whim to brew something our leftovers.
Also did our first late extract addition.
First time using a starter as well.

Maybe not the best way to do things, but hey it's better than not brewing at all.

I'm a bit drunk, but it tasted good from the hydrometer!
Saaz and Mt. Hood are my Go-To Hops for wheat beers.

I have lovely stainless stockpots for brewing the important stuff... but for experimental batches... I use the old enameled Tamale pot.

Call it superstition.
But every recipe that really rocked, was created in that pot.

Here's to more Best Brew Days! :mug:
well I hope you wrote it down, cuz it may be your best beer evah!

Turned out to be, hands down, the greatest beer I've brewed.

Amazingly malty with a great hop finish.
The extract tang all our previous beers had was completely gone!

God damn I wish we had the recipe!