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Nov 8, 2014
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Houston Tx
I am making an Imperial Irish Ale 10 Gal @1.079 OG. I only have a 2 l flask so I made up a 2 l - starter with 1 pack of pure pitch wlp004. I put in some fermcap. This will be on a stir plate. I have two additional packs of wlp004 that I was going to add in when it came time to ferment the complete batch. My plan is to brew tomorrow. In looking at the calculators it seemed like I am going to need 568 B cells. I thought my initial starter would give me 377B. But in looking at another tool it seems I would need two packs in a starter of 2.6 L.
So am I better off putting the second wlp004 in my starter now or putting the second and third packs in separately when I get them in the fermenter?
I would just go grab another but I'm in Houston and everything is closed.

Thanks for any help you can give.
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