Belle Saison + BE-134 combo for a saison

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Aug 12, 2020
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Did anyone try out this yeast combo Belle Saison + BE-134 for a saison?
Does it achieve a good yeast profile?
Belle is almost neutral so the only thing it will do is lower the 134 expression. It will also drive attenuation further down and might introduce a bit more glycol than 134 which will result in more body than expected for such a low fg it usually results in.
I agree with @Miraculix , and I would add:

It will taste great; and not necessarily "better" than Belle or BE-134 separately on their own. MY advice would be to split a batch and ferment with each one separately, taste them and see which ONE you like better, rather than putting them in together from first pitch.
Agreed with @dmtaylor and @Miraculix for overall yeast profile and glycerol production. I enjoy the flavor of BE-134 with more complex fruit and less clove and I like the body of Belle even at ridiculously low FG.

Keep ferm temps in mind, though. At temps in low 70s Belle always give me more phenol, clove, and a one-dimensional lemon flavor. It gets cleaner at slightly higher temps for me. It always has good body, though. BE-134 just gets more expressive above low 70s but never has the same body as Belle. I think @dmtaylor is right. Split a batch of wort and see which one you like more at the ferm temps you can manage. Both will be good.

If you're fixed on co-pitch then consider staggering them. Pitch BE-134 first for flavor and Belle a day or two later and after the ferm drives the temp up.