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Jan 22, 2008
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I am looking for advice and/or information. Currently brewing a Wit ale. When I was transferring from the primary to secondary my primary spout got clogged.

I attempted to clear out the clog with sanitized instruments, but in the process may have contaminated my batch. There is a bit of crap on the top of my wort in the secondary but it's not multiplying. Is this sure contamination? Will I not know until I taste the product?

Most importantly, how can I prevent a clog in the future? Orange peel is sure to be used again, and I can not have any more of these disasters!

im at work right now

i'm not going to lie, it could be mold. they are small white spots, about the size of a pencil lead. again, not multiplying and i recall similar stuff on the top of other batches.

i'm trying to remain optomistic here, and have brewed successfully in the past. on the flip i would rather toss it and get a new batch going if it's a lost cause.
Don't EVER toss it unless you are sure it's an infection, because most times, it's not. I'm willing to bet it's small bubbles from CO2. RDWHAHB:mug:
and i can be sure once it tastes sour?

thanks for all your assistance prof. frink!

any suggestions on how to avoid a "clog" of this nature?
You can taste an infection usually. I usually avoid the clogging by straining out any hops, break material, etc. before I add it to the fermenter.
Small white dots is USUALLY just yeast that has kicked back into action during the racking. Or maybe you racked a bit too early. No need to worry yet.