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Sep 10, 2021
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I’m planning a Belgian Stout as a holiday brew. I am aiming for something with dark chocolate and fruit vibes that you would want to drink by the fire after a holiday meal, but without going full dessert beer (I want to be able to drink a whole pint, maybe even a second).

My draft recipe is:

10# Belgian Pale Malt (71.4%)
2# Munich I (14.3%)
0.25# Crystal 120 (1.8%)
0.5# Special B (3.6%)
1# UK Chocolate (7.1%
0.25# Debittered Carafa III (1.8%)

Mash @152
25 IBUs of something neutral @60 min (I have some magnum)
Ferment with Chimay or Rochefort strain. I want fruit not spice and want the malt to show.

I would appreciate any feedback on the recipe (I’m still pretty new to this hobby). I would also appreciate any thoughts on whether I should add any fruit or cacao nibs for secondary fermentation and how you would do that without overpowering the rest of the flavors.