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Sep 14, 2009
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North Dakota
I am going to brew a belgian pale ale with %10 crystal (caramunich) , %10 munich and %80 pilsen this weekend with WLP500. I am trying to consider my mash time and mash temp.

I know that for virtually all other belgian styles we shoot for as dry as possible, pushing temps up, adding sugars, lighten the body of the beer. Reading the BJCP description of belgian pale ale I am gathering that this is more of a richer, malt focused belgian ale?

1.050 down to 1.012 it what I am thinking, so only mash for an hour at 154 or so possibly? I could mash overnight at 150 and drop this beer down well below 1.010 if that would make for a better interpretation of the style. I also understand that it is all malt, so sugars aren't normally used.

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