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Dec 2, 2007
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Hey all, I just have a few questions before I begin to make sure Im doing everything right. Maybe Im making this more complicated than it is, but I want to be sure. I purchased star-san santizer after reading good things about it. here are my questions:

1. So I after I clean the fermenting bucket and the tools I pour 1 oz of star-san in with 5 gal of water, let it foam and sit for a minute, then dump out. Is that it? That really sanitizes everything?

I read all of the health hazards on the star-san so i just want to make sure no residue or anything is left over that is harmful.

2. Once everything comes in contact with the sanitizer is it safe just to let it sit on the counter before I use it or will it become contaminated by the air? This would be for example the spoon to stir inside the fermenting bucket until I use it.

3. Do you guys use gloves when handling this stuff because its harmful?

Hopefully im not looking into this too mich and the questions are not ridiculous!
Don't dump it in water bottles, or whatever you've got handy. It lasts a long time, and it's handy to have around.

While you brew/rack/keg/bottle, keep a shallow tub of it handy to conveniently sanitize smaller items. I use the tray that came with an ice chest, or a wallpaper tray for long items. I generally just leave small items (keg lids, airlocks, spoons, etc.) in the tray until I'm ready for them. Don't worry about the residue, it's not an issue. You can rack beer right onto the foam with no problems.

You needn't worry about getting it on your hands either, it won't harm you. On a brewday, my hands are constantly wet with Starsan. It's only harmful at full strength, before you mix with water. Afterwards it's as safe as can be.
3. Do you guys use gloves when handling this stuff because its harmful?
I wouldn't advise drinking it from the bottle but a glass of diluted solution shouldn't kill you :)

It is safe to handle, I soak a rag in it to wipe everything down with, no gloves needed
Someone should really sticky this:

Borrowed from the brewing network (

"Our first official sanitation show. We are joined by Charlie Talley, one of the founders of Five Star Chemical Company. Charlie tells us all the do's and dont's of Star San, Saniclean, Iodiphor and PBW. It's an all around great discussion that dispels many of the myths around sanitizers, and answers many of the questions homebrewers have regarding sanitizing chemicals."

This answers any questions you will ever have about the stuff, it's no wash, you can drink it when it's properly diluted, and don't fear the foam.

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