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Feb 5, 2008
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Wife bought me a 2 stage kit and all of the perrifs, but there were no instructions so I began reading and consulting with another brew friend out of state. I have a brown ale cooking for 3 days primary,:drunk: and realized that I did not fill the air lock with fluid. I put some in today, but wonder if this is too late now? I am guessing that there is more venting out than could get in, but words from the wise are welcome!! . . . ??
You should be fine, hopefully the lag time wasn't that long and CO2 started pushing out fairly quickly. Even if it didn't, stuff has to fall into the fermenter and the S-type and 3 piece airlocks both make that impossible.

Welcome to HBT and congrats on the first batch! :mug:
Like was said already you are ok. Believe it or not it takes a lot to mess up your brew, you basically have to try and do it. Look at this way, I am pretty sure that they didn't have airlocks 200 years ago, yet they still made beer!

Way to go on your first brew and welcome to our obsession! :mug: