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Mar 23, 2009
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I've gone AG recently, w/in the last 6 months. Getting good beer and not worrying. Summer's a-comin' and I want to turn the backyard and garage into the brewfactory I'm dreaming of. Garden will be turned and trellised for the hops :) but that leaves the rig...

Current rig is a simple 8gal stainless mashtun/lauter tun/brewpot w/False Bottom, ball valve, thermometer. Have one of the basic 'bayou classic' burners (claims up to 150,000BTU) which might lack oomph. Assorted fermenters and carbs, 5-7 gals in size.

So I'm basic. Can anyone point me to a thread/site/guide that will lay out all the parts and steps to bump up to a full RIMS or HERMS setup?

-RIMS setup
-12 gal or more capacity into primary
-minimal welding of structure OR just plain wood
-on casters
-converted Sankey kegs over large stainless pots ($$$)

and for those of you who do full boils in sankey kegs, what do you typically ferment in?

thanks in advance
Oct 20, 2005
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Nanaimo, BC
You'll need at least one march 809HS pump depending on whether you go single tier or 2 tier. I bought mine with brass head from for $135.

Make sure it's the 1/25hp NOT the 1/100hp model.

Are you planning to batch sparge or fly sparge?

I ferment in 13g Plastic fermenters. Not sure about others. I have seen sankes converted into fermenters and I know someone that has a 10g corny keg that he ferments in.