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Sep 26, 2011
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Does anyone here have one??? Beer Meister isn't being too helpful.

I picked up a beautiful triple tap Beer Meister Kegerator and need some help. Probably doesn't matter if you have the single, double or triple tap. The model I have is what they call their Value Line for Homebrewers. My model is the BK103HB.

This unit comes with a single CO2 line coming in at the top right back corner and splits into three lines for each ball lock. I would like to add a manifold inside the unit to allow for 3 ball lock connectors and 1 Sankey connector. I'd also like to drill another hole.. probably in the upper left corner and bring in a nitrogen line.

So, my question is....... If you have one.. have you done something similar? I don't want to ruin this beauty by drilling holes for mounting the manifold and chance puncturing a refrigerant line.

The guy from BM told me he "thought" the refrig lines were all in the sides of the box.. but, couldn't guarantee anything. I guess they don't have a service tech.

Here's hoping for some good advice.

Cheers, Bill