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Given the option, which one would you participate in?

  • A beer raffle with 1 shipped beer.

  • A beer raffle with 2 shipped beers.

  • A beer trade/exchange.

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Jul 25, 2012
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Is anyone interested in doing a beer trade/raffle? Concept would include be signing up here on the forum thread, a drawing would ensue and beer will be shipped/traded.

More details:

1. Each user may sign up only once.
2. Raffle drawing will be done by random on the computer.
3. The raffle winner will then receive 1 (or 2) beers from the users who did not win.
4. The users will ship bottles of homebrew or other favorite commercial beer to the winner.
5. Winner will provide comments to forum. (Downside of winning)

1. Each user may sign up only once.
2. Entrants will be paired randomly by computer.
3. List will be posted, and pairs will communicate and trade.
4. Entrants will trade 2 different homebrews or other favorite commercial beer.
5. Entrants may provide feedback however, not necessary. (Everyone wins)

Please let me know the interest, and I can set it up! Frequency can be up to once per month.


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Jan 31, 2009
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from the sticky post at the top of this forum https://www.homebrewtalk.com/f38/exchange-rules-44987/

We encourage all members to gift or swap beer for the purposes of education, feedback on recipes, brewing techniques and learning to judge and evaluate beers.

All group exchanges should be coordinated by a Supporting Member or preferably a Moderator. Exchanges are restricted to supporting members unless otherwise stated.

You must state in advance who is to be included in the exchange. People may object to disclosing information to those that are not supporting members.

Remember that you are providing personal and identifying information to that individual and that such disclosure should be considered when agreeing to participate.

If you are organizing, understand that you may be asked by participants to provide such information in kind. Furthermore, the success or failure of such an undertaking falls squarely on your shoulders. You will have to enforce due dates and may have to confront those that did not follow through on their end of the bargain. You may have to cajole others to join, provide extra bottles, bow out of receiving to even out the exchange. Clear out your PM box, because you are bound to get lots of replies.

All other members are welcome to exchange beer but should do so on a one-to-one basis unless they are participating in a group exchange coordinated by a Supporting Member or a Moderator.

An effort like this needs to be organized by a supporting member or moderator and participation is restricted to supporting members. These rules are born of experience with trades and exchanges here on HBT. None of this applies to private, one-to-one exchanges, of course.

And yes, I know I'm a wet blanket. Sorry. I'm leaving the poll up, in case a supporting member or moderator wants to step forward and organize an exchange. For what its worth, I'm skeptical of the raffle concept working, but an exchange is more feasible. But read the caveats in the rules above - large exchanges are a lot of work and will involve some level of heart ache and disappointment.


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Jul 25, 2012
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I did read the rules and understand that the actual exchange is restricted to supporting members. I plan on becoming a supporter when Uncle Sam pays me back. There is no rule about posting a poll to see who is interested though.

I did quite the extensive search to see when the last one was done. I could not find anything that was more recent than a couple of years ago. So I thought I would test the waters to see what people would be interested in. It appears that there is almost no interest at this point, so it may be moot.

One thing nice about the raffle is that if some people decide not to follow the rules they can just be banned from participating in the future without much change in the operation of the event.

I understand the items about a broken exchange, and that is bound to happen.

Feel free to make any additional comments.