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Aug 31, 2022
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New York
I am in the process of making a homemade kegerator with a 3.2 cu mini fridge that i also plan to use as my fermentation chamber as well. I just finished making the collar and glued it to the fridge and rehung the door without issue. I am looking for a 2nd hand 2 tab tower and found two local people selling at a good price. Does anyone have familiarity with either of these and are they good/worth picking up?

1 - Double Tap Draft Beer Tower - 2-Tap Beer Column 13-inch High by 3-inch Diameter - Stainless Steel Body With Unique Black Satin Finish - Chrome Finish Faucets - BEERGON BT-1000: Home & Kitchen
- I found this for $50, but there are very little reviews online. Is it a quality product or not worth it? My fridge is all black, so thought it would look sleek.
2 - Kegco DT2F-145S
- I cannot seem to find this one online anywhere so figured I'd check here.

Any insight or feedback would be very helpful
I can't speak to the quality of those towers, but as long as they are sturdy, they should be fine. Definitely recommend stainless steel for the shank and faucet though as chrome plating will eventually chip off. I'd also recommend a tower fan or else your first pour of the day will be foamy.
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I know you found them locally and on the cheap, You honestly could get away with just putting shanks through the collar. The trouble with buying second hand is that you are going to have to replace the tubing anyway and you can't really be sure if those faucets seal well (may need rebuild).

If you are interested in buying something new which has most of what you need, i recommend this. I've deployed this on 2 kegerators that I have upgraded for friends and they both turned out amazing.

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