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Nov 7, 2006
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I just bought a used corny and replaced all the O-rings / poppets. I kegged a pale ale this morning, but when I tried to attach the quick disconnect, it wouldn't latch. The QD attaches fine to my other kegs. I checked to make sure that the beer and gas posts weren't switched and they're not. I am baffled. Why won't the QD attach to the post? Any ideas? Thanks!
More than likely this is a poppet issue. I had this problem too, and replaced it with some sort of universal poppet that my LHBS sold and now it works like a charm.
We've seen replacement poppets where the new spring seems too "strong" and it won't compress enough to let the quick disconnect latch on. could be a super strong poppet spring. I'll check that out next.

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