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Very neat indeed. Bookmarked!

I love hop character plots, which are individually available elsewhere, but enabling comparisons is something new.
Banging Citra v Mosaic v Galaxy or El Dorado is illuminating...

Cheers! :mug:
Could someone give the Beer Maverick "Hop Comparison Tool" a try at Hop Comparison Tool & Chart - Beer Maverick

Click on the "pick a hop" buttons and see if it works like you'd expect. It should pop up a list to pick from, but I was just now trying to formulate a reply to a query and when I click on any of the three buttons I get an edit cursor that will do nothing useful.

I've tried Chrome, Firefox and Edge on my Win11P workstation, as well as Chrome on my Win10P laptop, and they misbehave the exact same way, so I'm 98% convinced "it's not me!" :) but could use confirmation (because maybe it IS me...somehow)...

Cheers and thanks!

[edit] I just tried to use the Beer Maverick Yeast substitution chart and it's basically vanished, so I'm up to 99% sure the site is borked.
There is, at the moment, a work-around for the hops and yeast comparison wizzard.

When you navigate to the appropriate wizard, if you don't see items in the dropdowns, add ?hops= or ?yeast= to the end of the URL:



hops link; yeast link
It's all working now here. Both yeast and hop tools.
And you can drill down as deep as you want to go, all the pages are there again...

If you're referring to the "character" links they may have never worked.
I've never clicked on any of them until just now and they definitely lead nowhere tonight...
Hop comparison tool works, but click on any link and get a 502 bad gateway
If you follow the link in #6, it looks like /u/ccagle8 over in /r/homebrewing may be able to help further.

The links appear to be correct on the individual hop pages.

The links on some of the other pages are missing a trailing /
  • this fails: .../hops/tag/resin
  • this works: .../hops/tag/resin/
With Firefox (Windows desktop), it's easy-peasy to add the / to the end of the URL in the address bar.
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