Beer faucet internal rust?

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Apr 5, 2021
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San Antonio, TX
Hello everyone, I recently noticed a metallic taste in my kegged beer. For good measure i took apart my beer faucet with ball lock disconnect and noticed that there what looks like rust has appeared inside the faucet. I soaked and cleaned with PBW but it looks like it is still there. What does it look like and how can i fix it? THe reason i got this one was for the convenience and not having to deal with a picnic tap. Any suggestions or anyone know of a good beer faucet with ball lock disconnect?


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You can buy faucets separate from the hoses and disconnects as they are interchangeable. What brand is that? I would recommend going with perlick ss faucets. I now own two of them and have not had that experience.

Below is a pic of the 630ss a great faucet. I've linked the picture to morebeer but you can get them at a lot of brew supply shops.

Perlick 630ss.jpg
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The rust appears in the smaller piece, i think its called a beer shank? Are these interchangeable as well?


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As far as I know it should be interchangeable as well.

Edit: there can be some difference in threads between us and European shanks.
Interesting! Ss can rust. But do you know if it's SS or not?
I had the chrome come off my first faucet fairly quickly and show the brass underneath. That got replaced.
Is the corrosion in the faucet or the shank? I know my ss faucets are pristine after about 4 years but I cheaped out and got plated brass shanks which have long ago lost their plating on the inside. When I take the faucets off for cleaning I can see that the inside of the shank is an orangey almost copper looking material now. I assume it’s brass that’s oxidized. I don’t know that it’s affected flavor though?
I've always bought stainless shanks and faucets (Perlick for beers on CO2). Never had an issue. :) IMO, If you try to go cheap, you're just setting yourself up to spend more later on down the road. The stout faucets I have are also stainless steel ($75 each) but I wouldn't get anything else. I'm actually looking at getting another of those, since three (or half of my faucets) just isn't enough. ;)

Most faucets and shanks are interchangeable. But, I had an issue with my older Perlick faucets not mating properly to the newer shanks. Easy fix since I had the original shanks that DID mate properly. IMO, if you get shanks and faucets at the same time (or same generation) then you'll be fine.
When I bought my house a previous owner built a cheap kegerator into the bar which had a chrome faucet. I made the mistake of running a beer through which always had a metallic taste. I opened it up to clean it and sure enough the brass was exposed. It's not a huge deal if you blast through a keg in one shot or don't mind dumping a pint before drinking a pint every day you want a beer Otherwise replace the the chrome parts. The shank certainly needs a replacement but there's a good chance the inside of the tap assembly has the same issue. I would replace the entire tap assembly with stainless steel.