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Dec 20, 2014
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I'm trying to build my own beer engine to save money. Although "real ale" doesn't use a sparkler, I like the idea of having one for a creamy foamy head for a hand-pumped stout.

I got a sparkler from Ebay like this one:

Does anyone know what a thread match would be for a barbed fitting, if there even is any? So far, the only pictures I see are of the sparkler attaching to a swan neck, which isn't going to work for my hand pump.

I've seen the DIY project on BYO here:

They have a brass setup, which I can eventually try, but was hoping to use the plastic sparkler just so I don't have a chunk of brass dangling around clinking the glass. I've tried Home Depot for thread matches, but am not finding anything that works.

Any other suggestions of how to attach the sparkler to a water hand pump as shown here ?



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