Beer Engine and Cask Questions

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Jul 19, 2007
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Edmonton, Alberta
Really love British cask conditioned ales. If I went whole hog and got a pin and a beer engine I have some questions.

1. Most beer engines I see for home brewers are 1/4 pint pulls. It's going to be mostly me drinking it so I'm going to have a CO2 breather on the pin (CAMRA be damned) and will take a couple of weeks to go through a pin. What happens to the beer in the cylinder over a day or two? Do you have to throw out the first pull of every day? Or do you have to disconnect and drain after each night's use?

2. How do you keep the pin cool?

3. How do you serve? If upright do you use the solid looking plumbing I see at Northern Brewer or the red plastic floaty thing I see at UK Brewing Supplies?

4. How does the beer engine attach to the counter? How much clearance do you need?