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Feb 3, 2009
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We had our final homebrew class last night.It consisted of everyone (7 of us) bringing our first brews to sample.We also each brought in some food.It was a nice graduation.
We had some beers with heavy oxidation , we had some cardboardy taste ones,we had one that must have been contaminated cause when we opened it it went all over the place.We also had some good brews,all in all it was agreat time and now its time to advance on to brewing with liquid yeast and all grain brews.
I was hoping we would get detention and have to stay after and repeat the class.
2nd Brew will be the same Porter (Iron Worker extract) but with a liquid yeast and not a dry yeast. Oh yeh thanks for the info about stashing a 6 0r 12 pack away to try way down the road.My Porter came out very very good.
Oh I tasted a Baltic Porter last night that was unreal. It had some mollassas and butter in it .I would love to duplicate it, 2nd batch this weekend!:mug: