Batch #3 Is this Infected.

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Dec 22, 2020
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This is my third batch, Brewed with my Daughter - I thought we took all the right precautions. Can anyone tell if this is infected. Thanks in advance!
It looks good to me. There appears to be a little hop material with possibly some hot break on the surface and a bunch of bubbles that may be from fermentation yet or just outgassing of the CO2. How many days has it been since you pitched the yeast?
@RM-MN ; 2 weeks since I pitched the yeast. There is a Tilt Gravity floating in the 10:00 position in the krausen. I am planning to dry hop it tomorrow, it looks a bit different than my other brews. Thanks for the quick response!
Please relax and let your beer be. But you may want to cover a glass carboy while it does it thing. A grocery bag with a hole in the bottom works.

Edit: Sounds good. Welcome to the hobby. :)
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I think i like stainless for this reason, lol lawd knows I would think it is infected too, I cant see anything so out of sight out of mind.
I have brewed 73 beers. About after seeing the first +/-12 was when I kind of let the infection paranoia to go away. Nothing there seems really abnormal.

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