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Mar 17, 2017
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Hi all. This is probably a REALLY stoooopid idea, but I'm an amateur who likes to think outside the box, so... :D

I am into very primitive methods of brewing, i.e. as quick, cheap and low-tech or "down-and-dirty" as possible. I'm not after a "perfect" beer, but rather exploring the simplest way of getting something fairly drinkable. That said, filtering beer drives me absolutely nuts! It's my least favorite part of the game. So messy, especially without modern equipment/methods.

Anyway, I was making coffee the other day in a cafetiere, and wondered if anyone has tried to use an internal filter sort of vaguely like the coffee filter on a cafetiere / coffee press?

The crazy idea would be that I'd use natural gravity (or perhaps a gentle spring-push, or some kind of extra weight) inside the main brewing tank/barrel/whatever and let the filter sink down very slowly over time; the filter would be the same width/diameter as the vessel. At the end the idea being you'd have the particles "trapped" nicely at the bottom for easier filtration.

Concerns are:
– How might this affect air/gas release and pressure?
– How might this affect the yeast/fermentation?

Why are you needing to filter at all? Many of us get super clear beer without it. Even if you have some chill haze for a short time it doesn't affect taste. If you are into simple then sounds like you don't need it. As far as your idea I'm not sure how I see that working. Sediment generally settles down to the bottom leaving clear beer on top, what you're describing sounds like it will prevent that from happening.

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