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Dec 26, 2007
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SE Michigan
I wanted to create a home brew area in my basement. I plan on using the laundry area. I have a wash tub and horrible lighting. I plan on using this area to store gear and ingredients, clean and sanitize my equipment, secondary storage, and conditioning bottles. I may do the bottling down there or upstairs by the dishwasher.

If I find out an easy way to control temp I will exit my upstairs primary fermentation closet and bring the show downstairs, right now it is abouts 60-65 deg downstairs.

Any recommendations on lighting? or fermenting area and storage ideas?

I was thinking florescent because of the low cost and high lumen output, but am aware that it can be bad for beer.

thanks for any tips
fluorescent is only bad if its on ALL the time. its nowhere near as strong as sunlight's UV rays. heiniken skunks because of green bottles in store lighting, where it sits for days or weeks sometimes.

I have 160w of fluorescent in my brew area, where i ferment and rack everything. I just put t-shirts over my carboys to keep em dark during secondary.
thanks for the tips, if there are any other recommendations or links to some pics of what works that would be cool as well.
I am listening... as I am/have done same.

So far, main problem is laundry traffic.
Latest casualty: racking cane, as I did not put away a cane/orange carboy cap experiment...!