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Apr 8, 2024
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Black Forest, Colorado
Hi. I'm new here, but look forward to learning a lot about how to build out my new custom soda system in my new house, and how to make my own custom soda syrups.

Let's start with the immediate concern. I have a four flavor bar-gun that I am going on install in the kitchen of the new house we're building in Tennessee in a year or so. I also have four stainless steel Corny kegs, like soda syrup used to come in back before the days of the boxed soda syrup. Until recently I was missing the back-room equipment and cold plate.

I stumbled upon three sets up for auction recently. The three back-room setups were being auctioned off from out-of-business restaurants. I bid low on all three of them and quickly began to lose. At the end of the auction I decided to let one go, but kept bidding on two, hoping to get one. I ended up getting the two best ones. I got one for $101, and the other for $101.50

I now have...
  • Two carbonators
  • Two CO2 gauge sets
  • One set of six pumps
  • One set of eight pumps
  • Two sets of syrup box racks.
The hoses on everything have been cut, but that's ok because I'd replace all the hoses anyway.

Here are pictures of what I have, and I was hoping you guys could tell me which things to keep, which things to sell, and the best way to assemble my four-flavor bar-gun.

First carbonator:


Second Carbonator:


First rack with gauges and six pumps:
This rack is in two stackable pieces. Total rack height is a little less than six feet. Of course it can be re-configured to have all eight pumps on a single level. I only have six pumps.


Second rack with gauges and eight Flojet pumps:

The pantry will be a separate room next to the kitchen that is triple insulated, has a floor drain and commercial cooler for it that will keep it at 38 degrees. So... a 150 square foot walk in refrigerator next to the kitchen. This is where the back-room soda equipment will be housed.

I'm installing an under counter ice maker which will be next to the bar-gun and will house the as yet un-sourced cold plate.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


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It occurs to me that with the stainless corny kegs for my syrup, since they can hold pressure, I don't need syrup pumps at all; but that's just conjecture on my part.