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Nov 1, 2006
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*note* I am in no way affiliated with the Thirsty Brewer other than a customer, and I feel like the owner is a good brew buddy who I chat with and share brews at the store.

That said - I forgot to post this earlier, but now is a good a time as any. Anywho, the FIRST Wednesday of every month, at the Thirsty Brewer in Baldwin (about 10mi north of the beltway above Parkville (out near the Boordy Winery), between 6-9pm, Tom hosts a n00b night where he runs people through the basics of brewing.

Normally, he brews a batch in the back room so people can watch and learn live. A lot of member of the local club come up and share our brews and just hang out to answer questions. Either way, it's a good time!

I met someone there last night as we were sharing our Apfelwein, and found someone from this very forum! He was making some Apfelwein as well and we shared stories, and he tells me how he got his recipe from this EdWort guy on HomeBrewTalk. I was astonished to find another person making this in my own home town!!

Back to the point - If you're in the Mr Beer kit, or in your first 5-10 extract brews, you should come out and hang out with us during the session and meet up with other local brewers and generally have a good time. I think I had a little too good of a time last night as I couldn't wake up this morning, but it was well worth it!
oooh, sounds like fun....why couldn't you have posted this yesterday morning? I would have dragged SWMBO with me....and ditched the bowl game last night
jezter6 said:
Dude, that's quite a haul for you, isn't it? It's up near my place...

You can always come up to the Feb function!

Is it less than 2 hours? then it's not a haul...c'mon harrisburg, pa is 90 mins.....

mmmmmmmmmmm, feBREWary :)
Are they still doing that first Wednesday of every month brew at the thirsty brewer? Cecil County novice looking to get some tips and info. What's the price?
It's a free event, pretty helpful stuff too, seeing Tom go through the actions in front of you really helps bring the instructions to life. The cost comes in buying ingredients and kit while you're there!

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