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Jul 8, 2014
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Well I havent brewed a baltic porter in a few years, and I have a mass of lager yeast after a few generations, and I got a couple doppelbocks aging, so, seems like a good time to make a baltic porter. And as far as Baltic porter, Im going for something like okocim, zyweic, baltika, aldaris porters, not an Imperial robust porter by a different name.

If anyone has brewed a good one of these, can you give this a look over for sanity? Or any suggestions?

OG 1.085 ~35 SRM.

60% Bohemian floor malt dark (munich 8-10L)
31% Bohemian floor malt pils
3% carabohemian or other ~80L crystal
2% pale chocolate
4% Chocolate wheat

Double decoction:
Infuse after for a high sacc rest (155-160 for 10 min), and then infuse to mash out .
add 2g of Baking soda to Portland city water (very soft) for a 5.4 mash PH.

90+ min boil, until it should fit in 5.5. gal.

40 ibu, of warrior 60 min from end.

Big ol pitch of harvested wyeast 2002 Gambrinus. (yeast is the yeast I need to use, as I have a ton of it from previous batches.) fermented at 47. Raise slowly for a diacetyl rest when gravity is ~75% reached.

As for water chem, Ive been doing a bunch of czech lagers of late, and keeping the very soft water to good results, should I do this in this batch, or would this benefit from any water additions beyond the minimum to hit mash PH? (Also what would be the ideal mash PH, for a baltic porter?)