Ball Lock Air Lock for kegs

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Jun 20, 2022
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Here is a quick, easy and cheap way to make Ball Lock airlocks. I got this idea from Trong at Home Brew Labs. He creates great gadgets for home brewing, like Spundit 2.0


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Spundit 2.0 is an internet based campaign. A sales pitch. But I'm still confused about your airlock invention and why it's useful for brewers. Have I missed something?
If you want to keg ferment, You can use a Ball Lock airlock. In my case, I sometimes ferment in PET Bottles. Notice the side mounted ball lock. I can rotate the bottle to point downwards. You can rotate the bottle in any direction. Keg fermenting is a great way to do pressure fermenting, using a spundit valve.

Using the bottle, gives you a visual indication of active fermentation, (co2 bubbling off) I use that as an indication of yeast lag and how long I get active fermentation.

I simply attach a hose to a gas QD and stick it in a glass of water.

When the bubbles slow way down or appear to have stopped, I simply remove the QD and let the remaining fermentation carb the beer.