Bakers yeast and traditional brews

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Aug 29, 2015
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I plan on trying a few types of traditions brews (sahti and gotlandsdrenk) which call for use of bread yeast. While reading a very in depth article the author talked about when using bread yeast that there is some lactic acidosis bacteria present in bakers yeast that can cause souring? Has anyone found that accurate or have gotten infections due to this getting into their equipment?
I've only used Baker's yeast with my limited Homebrewing. I couldn't find brewer's so I got Fleischmann's instant yeast. I have made 3 5.5 gallon beers and a maple wine/mead.

I've found nothing sour or avrid about any of the beers. If anything, I've described the flavor as leaning toward banana. It's also a poorly flocculating yeast and has a wispy sediment at the bottom of bottles. Also kinda tastes Belgian...
But, in my experience, it has finished at ~80% attenuation. Not too shabby.

Give it a shot. People used to just spit in a boiling pot, move it into a wooden or clay vessel in the dark and then drink whatever came out of it.
Those Belgian characteristics would be normal cause realistically that is the “original farmhouse yeast” with my gotlandsdrenke I plan on comparing it to a brewers farmhouse yeast to see the differences. My only worry is I don’t want to infect plastic equipment is lacto will be present so I’m seeing if anyone else has heard or experienced this