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May 30, 2024
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Hi Guys, I planted hops I thought might survive here at 30.12 latt. Thats pushing it way over the limit. My questions are in boldface
I chose 5 I thought would survive, Cascade, Nugget, I planted first - followed later by Neo1, Amalia and Centennial. Do you think those are survivable for Houston? I'm starting small to make sure I can actually get cones here.
IMG_1927.JPGmy twine setup. This is one the cascades.IMG_1926.JPG I planted 4 rhizomes. Something kept digging them up- Not this one but all the rest (squirrel, deer, racoon, possum, pigs etc.) its critter central here. They aren't eating the leaves though.
IMG_1928.JPG one of the nuggets. I planted 4 of them. I put pavers and bricks around them to keep the critters from digging up the roots. Do you think I should take those bricks/pavers away now that the hops are bigger?. I pull them off when I water. I am afraid they may interfere with the rhizome.
IMG_1942.JPG4th is an ailing nugget. I don't think it was getting enough light so I dug it up and put it in a pot today. I hope the poor little thing makes it.
All the others are great lakes hops, and they were planted later than the cascade and nugget- They were all field grade.
Neo Amalia and centennial IMG_1935.JPGIMG_1936.JPGIMG_1937.JPG
Tomorrow I'm going to pull those pavers off, maybe leave a 1 sq ft area (mulched) around each surrounded by bricks so I don't mow over them. I sure hope something doesn't dig them up and eat them.


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Update, moved the pavers further from the hops, weeded grass rhizomes out, covered with compost from the pile. I'm about 1/2 done.
1st 3 pix are some of the Cascades and Nuggets.
IMG_1962.JPG IMG_1963.JPG IMG_1964.JPG

Last photo (front to back) is Amalia, centennial and Neo1


This is going to be a heavy lift due to the heat, and shortness of days here.. I grew hops once here, many years ago ( a guy gave me a rhizome) and It grew well, and I even got some cones the first year. I forgot about it, tilled the garden up and killed the thing. I think it was a cascade. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Anyway my plan is to keep nurturing these, see which ones survive next year, and if I get any cones. I'll keep the best ones (propagate by cuttings), and try 2 other kinds each year.

I think I'm still going to have to buy hops. But if I can grow a portion of what I use, it will help.


I just looked out the window and we have herbivores in the hop yard. The deer don't seem to be eating the hops. I think it was squirrels digging them up.
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My property is on an ancient deer trail circuit and came complete with a herd of roughly 20 that wanders through every 4~5 days most of the year. I grew hops for seven years and they never bothered them, even while nibbling (Day Lilly buds :() or totally devouring (entire Hostas :mad:) the things they really liked all around the property. I'm sure some of them sampled a taste as I saw hoof prints in beds on rare occasions but they were not fans...

Our herd isn't as big as yours, we have about a dozen. I like the fawns. I can't say I appreciate them eating up my garden, but I like to watch them so it all works out.

I put used coffee grounds around the hops plants to deter squirrels from digging them up and it seemed to work. Plus it makes great slow release fertilizer for the hops. I use them on my grape vines too.

That deer is right behind the ground mounted solar panels which isn't even near my hops. I've never seen the deer eat even one hops yet.
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This video starts off a bit graphic as one of the senior does had been taken down by coyotes (who spent the next two weeks cleaning the carcass down to the bones) but it's a good representation of the herd size...


That is a nice sized herd. Thanks. I just got back in from the hop yard weeding, pulling pavers back and adding compost and scared a fawn about the size of a small dog who was sleeping in my leek garden. I didn't even see it till it jumped up and ran.
The deer have certainly strolled through lush Alfalfa fields to nip the tops off my hops on numerous occasions. Probably mistaking them for my asparagus. It's usually the bull shoots anyway, so no huge loss.

I was interested in some of the NeoMex varieties because I'm in drought-prone sand, but the possibility of coning early due to daylight length has kept me away so far.

Also, godspeed on the different varieties so close together. I planted mine spaced 6'+ apart and now have solid swaths of hop shoots. Of course the mixed varieties doesn't bother me since my labeling system was destroyed within 4 months of planting.
I spaced most of them 4-5 feet apart on center. I'll keep ya posted on the neo mexicanus performance. I have 2 neo1 and 2 amalia planted. I already lost one of the little tags, but I wrote it down and made a hops treasure map so I know where I put each one.

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