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Average age of home brewers....Poll

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34 and 2.5 gals a week..unless I find an int recipe that I can't wait to try then it's 5.0 gals a week.
I will be 50 very soon and I brew 2 times a month like clockwork. Some 5 gallon batches, some 3 and a couple 1 gallon test batches when creating a new recipe.
Turning 50 in March and I try to brew a 5 gallon batch every 1-2 months. Or at least that's the goal!
I have a few friends and family whom like to drink home made/craft beer... I started brewing last year In July and brewed no less than 19 x 5 gallon batches alone in 2017. From all 19 batches, I only have 2 bottles left from a 9.2% Dark Ale I brewed in November.

I already brewed 5 batches this month and I am about to bottle 2 batches this weekend, with the rest of 3 next weekend...

So...Yeah, I have people that drink.
That is a thing of beauty, my friend! Very cool that your job is doing something you enjoy! Thanks for sharing [emoji482]
Soon to be 59. I brew a 5 gal batch about every 3 weeks. My sons (all legal age) help me drink it. I'm slowly draging them over to the dark side (IPA's) but brew a few other styles for variety.
I’m 23 and I do about two 5 gal batches a month, sometimes more! Brewed 20 gals this past Monday (15 gals for a friends bday party in a few months)
Oh man.... If I would have been brewing already ten or twelve years ago when I was studying, I would have done the same.... Probably nearly every weekend :D
Started brewing a couple years ago I'm 50 now, and I brew as often as I'm able. Usually about 2-3 times a month, but it's more than just a brew day, I malt, dry, mill, and cleanup, before it's time for brewday. Brewday is just when all the hard work comes together... Sharing with friends is when it makes it all worthwhile.
I'm 66 and brew 5 gal every 3-4 weeks. I've brewed 4 times in the last month, 2 of those smaller batches to use up some leftover ingredients. I try to keep something in the kegerator and something in primary all the time. I'm a semi-retired farmer so, when I get busier during the growing season, the pipeline sometimes runs dry. I'm looking forward to retiring completely in a few years.