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Jan 7, 2013
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Is CbPi still supported?

The FB group is very very slow and I think I read, I don't know where, that the person who developed it has withdrawn.
In any event I have not found the user docs, not installation but setting up and use, and the plugins please would you post a link.

I'm not sure which Brewcontrol I'd need for this :-

1 possibly 2 heating elements
A number , to be determined, of valves.
Temperature sensors.
One or two pumps.
Pid is it in the software?
Some sort of local display.

I have an old arduino or a Rpi 3B+ would either of these work with the control software was on a laptop?

Thanks All

Dec 19, 2014
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West Palm Beach
Assuming you meant BruControl... I waited to respond because I may not be able to be as objective as some.

CBPi development does seem to be continuing, with version 4 in the works. It looks like the developer is opening up the licensing, so more will likely contribute to the project in time. Therefore, it should remain a viable option. Being open source, the support comes from the community. BruControl being commercial means we provide support as needed. I would say both will solve the goals you've laid out here. The difference is in how much automation flexibility you ultimately want. The software costs are only a minor part of automated brewing, but if lowest cost is your priority, CBPi may be a better route. If support and documention is important to you, BruControl may be the better path.

Feel free to download a copy of either and give them a go. For BruControl, you would need an Arduino MEGA or better (when you say old arduino - I'm assuming this is an Uno, which is no longer supported).


Apr 13, 2021
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I have an old arduino or a Rpi 3B+ would either of these work with the control software was on a laptop?
As a user who has tried both CraftBeerPi(I've brewed on a friend's system) and on BruControl(my own setup) I have to say that BruControl offers the best flexibility and reliability. CraftBeerPi is cheap, open source and runs on a Raspberry Pi. BruControl costs about 100usd(?) for a license, and runs off a Arduino Mega or a ESP8266(which you in turn can get cheaper).

Choosing between them is probably not easy so I'll list the pros and cons separately

Pros: Cheap, pretty easy to set up, open sourced(which to me means developments comes out a bit faster than when developed by a single programmer). Also, the programmer Miguel has started getting back into it.
Cons: Raspberry Pis are more unstable than Arduinos. The older ones(maybe the new ones too) 3B+ run off a SD-card, and these tend to/can go corrupt meaning a brewday can start in a real shitty way. rPi can also be a bit of a hassle to setup compared to an Arduino.

Pros: If you are like me and like to tinker, program and automate this is for you. BruControl offers a script language that will make you able to make your setup work like you want it to with rather minimal effort. It also works off an Arduino which is way more stable IMHO than a rPi.
Cons: Costs quite a bit of money to get setup, but to be honest - it is worth every penny.

To sum it up, I'd chose BruControl over CraftBeerPi every time. It is a brilliant system, that I can't believe is not advertised better. Even though it was 170usd for the professional version it is totally worth it for me who like to customize and tinker all parts of my brew day.

That's just my two cents.