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Sold Auberins 30A Brew Buddy Panel for Herms

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Jul 30, 2015
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Virginia Beach
*** $600 *** For sale is a 70% (ish) built panel from Auberins. Was initially purchased for one of my two breweries. Yes, I own 2 of their panels. They're great panels for anything up to half barrel. This panel does not come with any temp probes, nor any input / output cables. They can be sourced via many online retailers (Amazon, etc). If spec'd via Auberins site, costs are $894 (wiring kit $65). The majority of the wiring left is in the panel door, EZboils, switches, buzzers etc. Pretty easy work, as long as you're electrically inclined. I'd even go as far to say, that even if you're not inclined, it's still a pretty east task. I'll gladly offer any help in completing, as I have another panel completed and working accordingly. E instructions and user guide included via a thumb drive. All wiring, hardware, etc needed for completion is included. I upgraded the hardware to all sockets to SS. The only blemish is a dime sized spot of hot glue, which clearly does not affect operation. Honestly it would probably come off pretty easily. Panel is boxed up in it's original shipping box. Although I'd rather not ship, I'll do so, on your dime. I'm willing to drive a little ways in order to meet (located in Virginia Beach). Shipping weight is roughly 30lbs. Paypal and cash accepted. Feel free to message me with any questions you may have. Thanks. *** $600 ***