Attaching motor to barley crusher

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Jun 28, 2007
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Buffalo, NY
This is kind of a continuation of my thread below, but I'm looking into motors to connect to my barley crusher.

I wanted a 'beefy bodine' but sciplus is sold out, so I'm thinking of going with this :

120VAC 4.5A
1650 rpm
start capacitor included

I'm just curious if 1650RPM is too high? Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I don't have much experience in this type of thing and I don't want to damage the mill... :)

Or, if someone has another motor recommendation, I'm all ears.
Is there a specific one that you would recommend?

I'm thinking the 416 RPM BODINE #44C6BVD1-Y1 GEARMOTOR because I'd prefer it to be reversible (just for safety reasons). Seems to be beefy enough.

I'm wondering if I need to gear this thing down since 416rpm may be a bit high from what I've been reading for the barley crusher I have.
You should e-mail them and see what they recommend. They reply pretty quickly to e-mails. For some reason I thought it should 300 RPM or less but I still hand crank.
Yeah, good idea. Although I thought I read in the instructions that came with the mill that they don't recommend hooking it up to a motor. :)

I'll see what they recommend.

[edit]Their site says a 3/8" drill at 500RPM gives a good crush..I'm going to aim at a motor in this RPM ballpark. See how it goes....[/edit]
You achieve proper RPM thur the use of pulleys or sheave sizes. Approx 1/2" for the motor and 10" for the grain mill will give the correct RPM for a 1750 RPM motor.

Here's an article from BYO magazine on how to build one................

I would think that torque (or is it Horsepower I'm thinking of??) would play a part in this as well, right?

I could buy a motor that runs at 1750RPM, but if it doesn't have the proper HP it won't be able to handle the crush I wouldn't think....

Sheesh, I didn't think spec'ing out a motor would be this much effort. :)
I think what I read was that you want a 1/3 to 1/2 HP motor. One with a start capacitor is good since you can start it with grain in the hopper. If not, you should turn the motor on then add grain as the torque required to get it going without the capacitor isn't there.

You should be able to find a motor fairly easily. I have seen reasonably priced ones at Harbor Freight.

edited to fix my poor english.....
Glibbidy said:
Whatever happened to the good old fashioned power drill?

Yeah, I was using my cordless but I'm looking for something more permanent.

I was just holding the drill as I crushed, but man, that got old. I started to think about building a setup so I didn't have to sit there and hold it. That's when it occurred to me that using a cheap motor would do the trick.

Plus I like building stuff, so this seemed like a logical approach. :)
I picked up a Bodine at a surplus store in Canada (Princess Auto). There are a million different builds for these things. I think a lot of them came from Xerox. The one I have is 223 rpm, and I stepped it down to around 120 rpm. You won't lose any RPM with these until you almost stall it - and then stuff will fly apart shortly after. I have some pics of my setup in the equipment forum.