Atlantic Homebrew Supply, Raleigh, NC

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Feb 15, 2013
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Go 97 miles and take a right...
I highly recommend Atlantic Homebrew Supply in Raleigh, NC. (www.atlanticbrewsupply.com)

Whom am I? No one. Other than my family and God, I'm just a fellow homebrewer.

Why? Customer service. I was trying to find something for my brewery. Tony went out of his way to accommodate me when others were not interested. He worked with me, found what I wanted and offered an amazing price.

In these times of “we could care less. Go shop somewhere else” it was to me, refreshing to encounter a homebrew store or actually any store caring about what I wanted.

As a disclaimer, damn we have too many lawyers and this world would be a better place without them as I've done more free for folks than the legal idiots have done, I have nothing to do with Atlantic Homebrew Supply, no financial interest in Atlantic Homebrew Supply and have nothing to gain from my recommendation.

I am only posting as I am very happy with my Atlantic Homebrew Supply experience and want to share with others.

From now on Atlantic Homebrew Supply is my first stop/check for homebrewing things I need.
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