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Dec 29, 2011
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Hello my new friends,

So my first batch ever of Imperial Pale Ale is in the primary and I can't help but think of my next recipe. Given that there exists over millions of beer recipes in books and random web pages, I thought asking you guys would be funner. It's also a way of customizing a recipe due to the large variety of input ill eventually receive (i hope). Also, since I don't have enough experience in brewing, having the help will come handy, especially since I know some of you have recipes that range in flavor and style. Here are some constants within the brewing process that I won't be changing due to technical and financial factors:

- It will be an extract brew.
- It will be a 5 gallon batch.
- I plan on only using 1 fermenter.
- I'm probably forgetting something but whatever.

The Recipe:
Because me and my brewing partner (my father) share a passion for IPA's, i was thinking something along those lines. I'm open to other beers as long as they aren't insanely difficult to produce as I don't have too much experience under my belt. I want the final product to be a bit spicy and not too bitter. I do like the final product to have that caramel after taste. I'm also open to the additions of dry-hops or flavorings like fruits, spices, etc. (you get the point). In essence, I really want the recipe to POP and not be too musky or dark.

I'm open to ideas and love to learn about new things so don't hold back!


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Mar 12, 2008
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Littleton, CO
Try using my Vail Pale Ale recipe as as base to try different hops.

The Cascade/Cenntenial mix will give a bit of grapefruit flavor but a wonderful aroma when dry hopped.

The base recipe won Gold medals as best IPA 3 out of 4 years at GABF in the '90s. I based the recipe on what I perceived Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale to be. I turned up a few things and I guess the judges agreed with me. It did go toe to toe with SNCA and beat it.

Just sub light DME for the pale malt. Crush the crystal malt and let it soak in the brewing water while you bring it up to a boil. Remove the crystal malt when the water temp hits 160.


Vail Pale Ale


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Jan 1, 2011
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Make a rye PA. Norther brewer makes a rye extract. Just use that. Hop with amarillo and cascade for a tasty, somewhat spicy IPA.