Arizona PBS show: "Craft Beer: the New Wine"

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Apr 13, 2006
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I saw it. It was a nice overview although I take issue with the premise that craft beer is the new wine.

Beer is. It is not the new anything. It stands on its own.

The show was divided into 3 parts with fund raising segments in between.

The first portion was an overview of the craft movement as it relates to the local AZ scene. There were segments filmed in Papago, Four Peaks, and Santan.

There were some factual problems with the history. The old Ben Franklin misquote is draggedout yet again.

The second segment was Andy Ingram from Four Peaks explaining the craft brewing process. This was one of the most cogent and complete 20 minutes on the process as I have seen. An excellent overview for the beginner and a graet review for the experienced.

The final segment was the Dogfish Head Palo Saint Morron is a piece they have been running in other PBS markets as well as the Ancient Dinner Beer Pairing Fund Raiser.

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