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Dec 5, 2007
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Spokane, WA
1 week in the primary, 2 weeks in the secondary, and now 5 days in bottles! Cant....wait....much....longer! Damn this is so tempting like that damn apple tree in the garden of eden! I think im gonna have to crack one open tonight for the sake of "science".:ban:
lol...for science, but keep it to one!

you still have 2 weeks left till they're ready, and longer before they're excellent!

you should brew another batch to get your mind off it :mug:
I couldnt take it any more my will broke and I had to cave into the temptation of trying a bottle. I was thrilled to hear the tssss of the carbonation inside the bottle when i popped the cap. The beer was actually pretty freakin tasty! The fuggles were great for aroma and flavor but they didnt do so well bittering the beer. overall im super impressed that i was able to brew my own beer. Oh and as far as brewing the next batch, last weekend I brewed up Cheeses Vanilla Caramel Cream Ale. Those Cascades smell so good when your boiling them up. Next weekend is a variation i made up of TUCKs Chocolate Espresso Stout for my girlfriend.
sounds like you are well on your way! now strengthen your will and let those bottles sit! ;)

i've been brewing about 2 batches a week lately...trying to build up my stock.
After drinking that one last night its not so hard to wait knowing that everything is ok with the carbing and everything tasting "normal". Being my first brew I had a lot of questions and doubts about the whole thing.