Are choco grains the same??

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Aug 1, 2007
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I was at the local lhbs, and they had a chocolate RYE grain....

I have seen chocolate in several recipes, and looked at buying some from AHB...

but is a RYE grain different from what AHB calles a chocolate grain? :confused:

just curious...I looked at the sticky about grains, but couldn't really find anything to explain this.....everyone has chocolate listed but not different types...

thanks for answering a noobs question.....

The word "chocolate" primarily refers to the color of the malt. I've also seen it used to describe the temperature and time of the kilning process. I wouldn't think that chocolate malt, chocolate rye malt, or chocolate wheat malt would be interchangeable in too many recipes.
Chocolate malt usually refers to a type of roasted, malted barley.
Chocolate rye of chocolate wheat perform a similar process on rye or wheat grains. I believe these are also malted. However the flavors will be different as the base grain is different. It might be interesting to try one of the other grains in replacement for barley in a porter but it will be a quite different beer, so you can not just substitute the grains if you are trying to recreate a recipe.
yeah, I wasn't really sure, so I wasn't about to add it to anything .....

What would a Chocoalte rye do to an ale, as comapred to regular choc. malt? How would the flavor be different?

Rye in any form adds a spicy note to the beer. Since chocolate is normally used in small quantities, the spiciness shouldn't be intrusive.

You might also see chocolate wheat, which will be de-husked. I might try some in my next Schwartzbier.
here's the main difference:
chocolate malt is made from barley
chocolate rye is made from rye
chocolate wheat is made from wheat

i've made some wonderful brews with rye. it adds a very nice spiciness to the brew. last one i made was a rye stout that was absolutely wonderful...the rye was very subtle in the background and added a great complexity to the brew. i didn't use the chocolate rye, but may try it next time.

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