Apple Crumble (hard) Cider

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Oct 7, 2015
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So I’m looking to make a Cider (I’m in the UK so Cider is all “hard”) which tastes of apple crumble.

It needs to have a biscuit (or cookie for our American cousins) note to it, so I am thinking of starting with doing a beer style mash with biscuit malt, reducing it down, adding some Demerara sugar, cinnamon, oats, and cloudy apple juice.

1. I’m a little concerned about the “amount” of sugar that I’ll end up with. I’m not looking for a crazy strength, but then again I’m also not looking to ferment it all out as I want a slightly sweet taste.
2. I’ve only ever made sweet ciders by back sweetening, so I have no experience in stopping fermentation, leaving sugars still in the Cider itself.

I did think that I could hold off the Demerara at the start, then ferment out the Cider fully, and use the Demerara to add to the bottles I’ll be using for a secondary fermentation.

I’ve no doubt that one of you has tried something like this before, and if not, you can probably see some problems that I haven’t thought of!

So, come on, give me your thoughts!