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Jan 29, 2008
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So I made some Apfelwein back on feb. 2nd, followed EdWort's recipe to the "t" and made a gallon batch. :rockin:
Up until yesterday my airlock sounded like a machine gun, it was bubbling like mad, last night a little bit less, and now there's not that many bubbles on the surface and my airlock is more or less stopped.
When I first brewed it, it looked like apple juice, then once the yeasts got going it got to be almost a yellow color, now it's quite a golden colour, but not cleared yet.
My question is, did something screw up? Should it be stopped bubbling like mad at this stage?
Do I leave it until it clears and then bottle?
More than likely, nothing at all is wrong. Best possible course of action? Wait. Like you said just leave it in there until it clears then bottle and you should be good.
Thanks, I've been keeping my temperature at around 70 ish Fahrenheit.
Just wanted to know if it is normal for most of the vigorous activity to stop by now, it's been about five days.
Can't wait for this to get done, what's it normally take 4-6 weeks?
My batch is 4 days old now. Bubbled like crazy first 48 hrs, like every second. 3rd day slowed a bit, day 4 bubbles every 12-15. So I wouldn't be worried
Get a flashlight and look at the edge of the bottle. You'll see thousands of tiny bubbles rising. It's still going to work. I would not bottle till March 15th. No rush unless you want to drink it early.

Now's the time to start another batch BTW. :D
You know what is funny about apfelwine, my friends who like BMC actually like to drink the stuff more than my good beer. I have made 20 gallons of the stuff and sometimes find it difficult to give the stuff away.

I tried to give some to a friend of mine who came from hungary and he instantly knew what it was, he then began to tell me how the smell of the stuff made him sick because it is the "cheap liquor" they used to make when he lived in Hungary and the communists were around.

Reminds me of how I can't drink vodka or a natty ice or a steel reserve, of course they are bad, but I have had some bad times with them so on top of the revolting taste, my body pretty much rejects them as soon as they touch my lips.