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Jan 21, 2008
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Hey all,

Im going to make some apfelwein today, i wanted to ask a question about adding an ingredient to it. I wanted to put some ground cinnamon into the mix but im unsure when to add it, or if ground sugar is even able to be used. Thanks for any help!
I add two whole cinnamon sticks to 6 gallons and 1-2# of dextrose. After it ferments I use splenda to back sweeten it. I'm gonna use 1 cup for 6 gallons next batch.
For my most recent batch, I added some blackstrap molasses along with the dextrose. The molasses darkens the color quite a bit, and since it has many unfermentable sugars in it, it leaves a residual sweetness that works really well with the apple flavors.

Around the holidays, I simmer some apfelwein with cinnamon sticks, ground allspice, and toss in some brown sugar and rum to make a kick-ass grog. :mug:

If you were going to add cinnamon before fermentation, I don't see any reason why you couldn't just toss it in along with your sugar of choice, yeast, etc.
IMHO go with a vodka infusion. When you are ready to bottle/keg, pull off a small measured amount. Set it aside and make a vodka infusion with cinnamon (a pint or 2 of vodka and enough cinnamon to do the whole batch). Slowly add this infusion with a measured eyedropper to your sample. When that sample tastes perfect, do the math to size up for the whole batch and add that much infusion to the keg/bottling bucket.

The easiest way to screw up a good brew is to much spice.