apfelwein fermentation temps

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Dec 22, 2006
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I am going to try making apfelwein for the first time but where I plan to ferment is holding steady at about 60 F. will that bee too cool???

Thanks to anyone with experience.
I recall that someone in the massive thread fermented in a basement somewhere around 60. It worked, but it took something like 8 weeks. If you can do it room temperature, you'll get the finish line much sooner.

thanks for the reply, so as far as you can say it will ferment, just slower.????

Edwort, you out there?? any ideas??
Try wrapping a towel around it and putting a couple of 2X4's underneath it (if is directlly on a cement floor). In my basement that will give me a few extra degrees.
thats actually a real good question. The place where i'd like to do my fermenting in my apt I thought was usually around 60+ degrees (standard apt temperature). I now think that its closer to 50 - 55. I'm hoping that if i leave the door open more of the air 60+ degree air will get into that room and raise the temp otherwise i'm a bit SOL when it comes to keeping my "operation" covert and away from troublesome people and light.