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Oct 31, 2017
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Oxford, PA
Iron Brewer Challenge - Looking for some thoughts.

I want to brew an American Pale Ale (3 gallons). I have a bunch of American hops on hand I’m not overly familiar with, some I’ve never used before at all and most I have never used in an APA before. Some of these are more appropriate to an IPA I think. And I do want to follow up the APA with an IPA out of these hops if possible. I want to brew APA on Monday and I am working and will not be able to make it to a homebrew shop before then.

What does anybody think? Anybody have experience with some of these hops? What out of these would make a good APA combination?


1 oz Ahtanum (used 3 oz of this in an APA before, not impressed)
2.5 oz Columbus (high alpha)
1 oz Nugget (high alpha)
2 oz Simcoe (IPA?)
2 oz Mosaic (IPA?)
2 oz Northern Brewer
2 oz El Dorado (no idea)
2 oz Newport (no idea)
1 oz Bravo (no idea)
1 oz Centennial (one I am familar with, only have 1 oz)
1/2 oz Citra (one I am familiar with, only have 1/2 oz)
A few ounces of Millenium (16%) from a big bag.

I also have some Perle which is used in APA sometimes.

3 oz Willamette (not appropriate?)
1 oz Cluster (not appropriate?)
Apr 14, 2020
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Huntsville, AL
My best beer (to my taste buds and in competition) is my all-Citra APA, but it uses a full 8 oz of Citra late in the boil and in dry hopping. Mosaic is supposedly pretty similar to Citra, and I'm going to try that next time I brew it.

I'm not an expert at mixing hops, which is what I think you're going to have to do with the quantities you list. I would check out the descriptions at Hopslist (see @Jag75's link above), figure out a theme you're going for (e.g., citrusy, piney, tropical) and build your hops around that. I think you'll come up with something tasty (or at least drinkable). Let us know how it turns out!