Anyone own a Samoyed?

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Oct 3, 2007
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Montreal, Canada

I was just wondering if anyone on here owns a Samoyed?

The reason I ask is because I would like to get more information about the adult dogs since I'm interested in getting one. I know they are quite intelligent and great with family and kids, but I was wondering what kind of care they require on a day to day basis after they are 3 years old?

So if anyone has one, please say so or PM me so I can get a sense for their needs and attitude.



Edit: For those wondering what a samoyed is:
We had an American Eskimo, which essentially is a Samoyed.

Very loyal, very smart, very loving.
My Eski and a friends Samoyed are very alike in that they were barkers. Holy crap did they bark. I don't think ours had ever growled, but she sure as hell barked.

Be cautious of the negatives.. Holy crap, the hair was ridiculous.
Make sure you have a lint roller for clothes and a really good vacuum.