Anybody tried The Beer Machine?

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Jan 22, 2005
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Hello, I've always wanted to brew my own beer but I just don't want to make the commitment (equipment & knowledge-wise). I just came across The Beer Machine web page ( and I must say
it intrigues me. Has anyone used the Beer Machine and if so, what kind of results did you get?

Well, I'm no expert at all; have only brewed 2 batches thus far but with that listing at 112 probably plus shipping etc being 125 or so it looks more gimicky to me than anything. I purchased this Deluxe Equipment Kit (2 stage fermentation) from my local home brew store which gives you everything you need to make brew with standardized equipment used by the home brewer. If you start with a recipe kit as well (included one with my purchase) it can be as easy as following a recipe to brew beer. Also, with having this type of equipment it's going to give you much more flexibility and I'd about guarantee better beer as you gain experience and knowledge. That unit might get you going fine but if you become truly interested with brewing you'll end up buying what I referenced down the road...
Greetings, well I bought the beer machine and so far I have mixed reaction towards it. First of all it is very boiling wort..just set it up, add the bag of mix and add the yeast and let it go. I am on my 4th batch. First one did not ferment...yuck...second one was outstanding and the third one turned flat once I put it in the refrig to settle out. I must have hade a pressure leak somewhere. Now onto batch far fermentation was a success. It has been in the refrig for just one day and pressure is holding. I'll know for sure by tuesday. It takes 5 days to carbonate. I tried this unit cause it sounded so simple.
I always say if your gonna do it, do it right. To me, this just doesn't seem right.
Doesn't seem like there is enough control over what actually comes out. I would much rather become somewhat knowledgable on the whole process & be able to adjust everything. I think it really makes a difference. The best brews I have ever produced were all grain. Sure, it takes some work & knowledge, but in my opionion its worth it.
What happens to the yeast? Does it just sit in the bottom until the beer is all finished?

I do like the idea of it regulating the pressure to naturally carbonate.
If you want to try out homebrewing without investing much in terms of cost or taking up a lot of space and time, I would go with the Mr. Beer over The Beer Machine. My main issue with the Beer Machine, is that you never take the beer off of the used yeast bed. I don't have the machine, but it appears to me you ferment it and just set it in the fridge, and then dispense it straight from the keg. After about two to three weeks (one of those is spent fermenting), you are going to get off flavors from the yeast bed. It is also a pretty expensive little device. For $100 you can nearly get a full blown set up. The Mr. Beer is $39 and comes ready to go with absolutely everything you need to make a first batch except for the boiling pot. The Mr. Beer will also get you started on the right process for extract brewing with boiling the malt and adding additional ingredients in some of their recipes. You will be very limited in your beer making if you just always use the no boil beer in a bag stuff that the Beer Machine sells. Just my .02.

All that being said, I just looked at a newer model of the Beer Machine that adds a bottling attachment. That model actually looks pretty good to me since it encourages you to bottle the beer after fermentation is complete and it is an enclosed system to boot. I still think the cost is a bit high for it, but if you are going to get one, get that one. I would still suggest getting some beer kits or malt and doing at least partial boils vs. the Beer in Bag route.
Mr Beer is cheaper and easier. Plus it gives you the basic concept of the fermentation process. I have switched to all grain and still use their keg for fermentation and bottling. I just converted a cooler to a mash/lauter tun.
I have made beer with this for ten years now Great tasting beer.Works out to 30 cents a glass.They have 16 different mixes that were developed by brew masters from around the world so I'm sure everyone will be able to find one they like.Much better and simpler than Mr Beer.Makes beer in ten days.And there's no off flavours from the yeast, so if you haven't tried it you shouldn't comment on something that you don't know about.
I know nothing about this "machine" but I know sitting on the yeast for two or three weeks will not cause off flavors. My beers all sit on the yeast for at least four weeks before kegging or secondary for whatever.