Anybody have a good Maibock recipe

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Jan 2, 2008
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Seattle, WA
I have the following recipe laggering now, it is based on what is in Joy of Homebrewing, with some modifications based on what I could actually find at my LHBS:

7lbs pale LME (LHBS bulk variety, not sure what it was)

3lbs amber DME (I think this should really be pale as well to stay true to style but I wanted a bit of the amber color/flavor)

12oz English 2 Row toasted at 350 for 10 minutes, steeped at 160 for 30 min

1.5oz Mt Hood - half at 60, rest of them at 30

1.5oz Tettnanger - half at 15, rest of them at end of boil (Papazian's recipe calls for Vanguard and French Strisselspalt but LHBS laughed when asked if he had these)

Wyeast 2206 Bavarian lager yeast, pitched as a 2 pint starter

1tsp Irish Moss at 15min

It started fermenting within 24hrs and was kept at 50-56 degrees for 2 weeks and then at 65ish overnight before being moved to secondary. I tasted the transfer to secondary and it was ok, though it had more of a spicy taste than I expected. I think the spicy flavor is from the hops I used but am not sure (this is my third brew so I'm still getting used to the differences). It was an almost peppery taste more than an alchohol burn so I don't think it was fusal alchohols or the like but that might be the case. The last Maibock I drank had a similar but less intense spicy taste so I'm hoping the laggering will help mellow mine out. Color and aroma when transfering both seemed good.

Hope that helps, have fun :mug: