Any way to connect the SS BrewTech eController 1V without using a dedicated 240V outlet circuit?

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May 2, 2020
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Hi Everybody,
This is my first post and I really hope it is not too long of a post. I finally made the move from gas to electric brewing about a month ago and decided to purchase the SS Brewtech eController 1V and their eKetlle. When the package finally arrived, I was surprised to find out that the plug was not the standard 3-prong plug. I really had no idea. I was hoping for a way to connect the eController GXY 30A 250V male plug to a standard 3 prong plug (especially since I am planning to move in the near future). Having to install a dedicated 240V outlet circuit would be a waste. I started searching on Amazon and found a plug adapter for the exact connection I was trying to make. I bought a GXY 30A 250V female to 15A 125V male plug converter (see attached images). As soon the plug arrived, I was ready and prepared to make a mock-brew day to practice with my new set up. Unfortunately, the connection did not work. As soon as I turn the eController ignition side switch , it makes a buzzing noise and the displa does not turn on. I reached out to SS Brewtech and asked then if there was anything I can do to make this work without installing a dedicated 240V circuit/outlet but they only suggested a dedicated circuit.

Has anyone ever tried to make this type of electric connection? Anything else I have to buy to make this work? Should I just give up and hold onto my eBrewing dreams until I move (who knows how long from now)? Please let me know. Thanks everybody and hope everyone is safe during these unprecedented times.


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your kettle will not perform well without the 30a circuit. I connected mine to my hot water heater outlet and bought a long RV style extension cord. Works like a champ.
If you do not have a dedicated 240VAC supply to this controller, you are going to be fighting with it forever. Its almost better to think of this in terms of power, rather than voltage and current. The V1 controller is made to support 7200W of power (240VAC x 30A = 7200W). If you only give it 120VAC, you are literally cutting its potential power in half. Also, you would need like 60A to get it to work properly, and I would assume that you do not have a 120VAC, 60A breaker/outlet at you place. Beyond this, I am not sure how the interworkings of the V1 controller operate, but I would assume that you would need 240VAC for them to operate properly.

If you plan to use this controller, you will need the 240VAC supply. I would think your house would have a 240VAC supply somewhere, so maybe tap into that, or use this plug when you are brewing. Your dryer, or electric stove should use 240VAC? Or have a professional come out and install a 240VAC 30A breaker in the breaker box of your house, and have them install the 240VAC plug somewhere convenient.
You can't run a 240V only controller from 120V. The contactor coils need 240V to work. Also, the element will only run at 1/4 power if the controller has no contactors.

A four wire input 240V controller that has a neutral line, and uses 120V contactor coils can operate from 120V, if and only if the controller is internally wired to allow that. You still only get 1/4 power from the element (1375W from a nominal 5500W element.)

Brew on :mug:
And in case you didn't get the message that it's not going to work, 1375 watts would only be enough to boil something like 2.5 gallons.

That's quite an investment you've made without first vetting the electrical requirements.
Thanks for the responses and help everyone! I will contact an electrician.