any make shift Kegerator ideas?

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Feb 29, 2008
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Closed my nightclub and have 3 full size draft beer kegs which hadn't been used at my club.. left over.. stored now in a large building on my property which has been pretty cold in there, however any day now its going to be warming up fast.
Wanting to have my building as a fun room. Just bought a pool table and in there now. SO I am broke. Want to save the kegs from beer going sour and also be able to draw into mugs for friends on occasion.

Is there some cheap make shift way I can keep these kegs cool? and also pour?

Am guessing not but this gal of NO knowledge and no money keeps spinning in my head who to turn a wooden enclosed store counter/cabinet into something. Sorry, if I present myself as an embicile. But one never knows til asking.

btw Nice site and wish the best to all brewers
Sorry, if I present myself as an embicile.
It's "imbecile" but that's beside the point. :)

As to keeping the kegs cool, you have to have some sort of refrigeration. Build a cabinet with an AC unit off of Craig's list, I suppose; something like this:

Though a used freezer to hold one at a time might be cheaper.

You also need to check out kegging equipment; try here for a starting point:

Of course, when empty don't forget to turn the kegs back in.

Maybe check freecycle??? My first refrigerator for a kegerator project was a free one I picked up. You could post on freecycle that you need free ones. Or if you can scrape a few bucks together, maybe find some for about 50 bucks each. Once you're through drinkin' the beer, sell them off for what ya got 'em for.

One thing, you'll really need to have some Sanke connectors and a CO2 tank. A hand pump's going to be useless unless you plan on finishing a keg in short order, as it introduces air into the keg to push out the beer which will oxidize the crap out of it. That's even more important than being able to keep the beer cold (which you can do with a big tub and some ice in the short term).