Any idea what this is?

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Apr 25, 2016
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I recently was given a few thousand dollars worth of brewing equipment from my uncle who passed away. I cannot figure out how this works obviously its some sort of temp control he built. Im hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Also included 2 ranco temp controllers. 220 comes into this box and is wired as pictured. I would assume the 220 coming out of the box is for the heating element. But i do not know how this is supposed to work with the temp controller as they are 110.


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Are you sure it's 240 going in?

Attach a picture of the cord plug.

If it is 240 and based on old style wiring, it could be he's using the Neutral for ground and to derive 120 using hot to neutral.
Yes it is 220 going in. I got it figured out. The 110 cord coming out the side of the box is basically just feeding one of the legs to the 220 coming out (at least thats the way i interperet it i am not an electrician). Plug the temp controller into the heat side of the 110 outlet on the box. Plug the 110 coming out of the box to the temp controller and it kicks the 220 heating element on and off. The dial seems to be some sort of resistence to turn down the wattage to the element i really dont know how that works but as i turn it down the heating element seems to "slow down" not sure how to put that. My uncle was a very smart guy and when he got into hobbies he was all in. I really didnt have a clue what the box was for but now that ive tried it and figured out how it works it makes sense he wanted to use the 110 controller to control the 110 pumps and the 220 element. This was his way of doing that at least thats my thoughts on it.